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Upcoming Event on 05/07/2022

Hello Yarnistas!

Left Hook Crochet will be attending the Prater Music Festival in Ocilla, Georgia, on May 7th, 2022!

Be on the look out for my tent and stop by to say HELLO! 🙂 I’ve been busy trying to get my inventory back up, as well as adding a few new products.

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


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Hello Yarnistas. 👋

I wanted to introduce myself in my first post. Some of you know me. While others are here for the first time. Either way, welcome to my corner of this amazing craft.

I’ve been crocheting for several years now. I wanted to learn when I was little. My mother could crochet anything she looked at. There was only one problem. My mother was right-handed and I am a lefty. The confusion! She wanted me to crochet with my right hand. Many tries and cries later, I realized I could not do it as a righty.

My momma always said I was “bass ackwards”. *laughing*

It’s true. The ONLY thing I can do right-handed is cut with a pair of scissors!

Flash forward a few *cough, cough* decades, and I got the crochet bug again. I called my sister and asked her if I wanted to learn how to crochet what I would need.

Her response???

“A hook, some yarn, scissors, a darning needle, and a promise.”

“A promise?”

“Yep! PROMISE me you won’t get mad and beat me.

I’m a good sister, y’all! I SWEAR! *laughing*

Needless to say, she came over. After several, several, several tries… and a few -okay, okay- a bunch cusswords later… I could do a proper chain I was proud of. Now to turn. GAH! That took a while. But when it clicked, it was a-maz-ing!

Since then, I’ve been learning new stitches. I’ve even taught my sissy a few things. *big, cheesy grin* I’ve also been building my name with my products. Now I’ve been getting out to more festivals and have begun to write my own patterns that I hope to sell.

So here’s to many knotty adventures! I hope you all will enjoy the ride with me as much as I plan on doing. Til next time…

 Happy Hooking,